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Nurture the acorn of your business idea

There is power potential in small ideas, so nurture the acorn of your business idea. Over a lifetime I have racked up so many failures. Seventy percent of those failures came from immediately dismissing an idea because it was so small. Until I saw the light,

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Week One Introduction

Welcome to Week One of your Success Team Workshop.

The first week is an easy week with only eight exercises and twenty pages of fun reading.

Remember that telling the team about your experience with the exercise is every bit as important as completing the exercises and the assignment!

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English Majors Held Back by Weak Decision Skills

More than half of English majors experience career issues because of their crap WEAK
decision skills

Yeah! Yeah! I know what you keep hearing! An English major is useless. In point of fact, English is an excellent major. You can parlay it into an outstanding career. The problem is not the major.

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