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photo of Sybal Janssen, Facilitator for Career Kick in the Pants

Sybal Janssen, Registered Success Team Leader


About Sybal Janssen

My name is Sybal Janssen. When I entered UCLA, I  was one of the 62% of university students who declare an English major because they can’t make up their mind about a career. I dithered and dallied right through my junior year until I discovered what Maimonides said eight hundred years ago was true “the risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.” I completed my English degree and leveraged it into career in Information Technology advancing from business analyst to systems manager  to project manager for multimillion dollar software development initiatives.  Throughout my corporate career, I was always a teacher and a mentor, finding great satisfaction in seeing junior staff members promoted into positions of greater responsibility as a result of time spent in my unit.

Failed Success Team Leader

Twenty years ago, Barbara Sher published the ground breaking “Wishcraft” and became a beloved lecturer on PBS stations throughout the country. She believes that all people possess unique skills and talents that they  should be sharing with the world.  I shared those beliefs. Inspired by Barbara’s vision and enthusiasm,  I joined her Success Team Leader Program. I became a registered success team leader. I was authorized to use her manual and other training materials to lead and facilitate the workshop that she distilled from her twenty years of experience helping others to live a life they loved.

I wish I could tell you that I build a small business that generated an independent income while providing me with the satisfaction of helping others.   The truth is that I shelved it and let it gather layers of dust. I made myself a victim my indecision, self doubt and lack of organization.  More than anything, it was a failure of my imagination.

Career Workshops

Two day intensive workshops specifically designed to address specific career issues will be presented through online webcasts.   These live presentations will be available to watch for free from the comfort of your home. Recording of the workshop as well as special bonus materials will be available any time and anywhere to paid members at the gold level   Upcoming topics include: What Do I Want to Do When I Grow Up, Reducing the Pain and Strain of a Job You Dislike, and Become a Celebrity Employee Through Social Media.

Donkey Blog

Quite frankly the donkey blog is about the ways that very intelligent and talented men and women sabotage their career by behaving like a jackass. I  have personally committed every one of these behaviors at least once.  I speak from experience so can call it as I see it.  Sensitive souls may find my comments offensive.  This is particularly true for those among us who prefer blaming others  to taking responsibility for their own actions. Therefore, I have restricted the blog posts to registered members. That way you protect yourself from being offended by mistake. Access is free of charge so don’t have to fork over good money to be insulted.

Brainstorming Sessions

Stuck with an issue and need suggestions and advice? Need some outside the box thinking? Need some constructive feedback on an idea or a design? Join the monthly online brainstorming sessions that run the fourth Sunday of the month between 2 and 4 p.m. Pacific Time.

Career Resources

The place for links to other websites, articles, suggestions and great blogs that offer insights, advice and strategic thinking about careers.


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