Week One Introduction

Welcome to Week One of your Success Team Workshop.

The first week is an easy week with only eight exercises and twenty pages of fun reading.

Remember that telling the team about your experience with the exercise is every bit as important as completing the exercises and the assignment! To maximize your experience, you need the synergy created by other minds, as well as receiving support and encouragement.

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English Majors Held Back by Weak Decision Skills

Picture of a sign with quotes about the dangers of indecision

Indecision Stunts Your Life

More than half of English majors experience career issues because of their crap WEAK
decision skills

Yeah! Yeah! I know what you keep hearing! An English major is useless. In point of fact, English is an excellent major. You can parlay it into an outstanding career. The problem is not the major. The problem is poor decision skills.

The majority of English majors can’t make a decision. A university study revealed sixty percent of the students who declared English as a major are undecided about a career. They live in constant hope that a fairy godmother will wave her magic wand, and the perfect career will appear. The spend their time in college bemoaning their lack of direction. When graduation looms on the horizon, they panic about finding a job. Spend ten minutes with a search engine and you will find hundreds of posts from English majors begging for career advice. Read more ›

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Spending $1000 on Your Career Decision

Planning to Spend $1000 to make your career decision?

Here’s a little story about a half hour conversation I had about my career decision.  I was eight years out of college.  I had parlayed my English degree into a good job (it was actually a very good job). Nevertheless, I wanted more in a career. Looking for wisdom and guidance, I booked an expensive half hour appointment with a career counselor. Here’s the nutshell version of the counselor’s advice. “At 28, it was a foolish of me to waste for another career. It was too late to start over.” I left feeling totally flattened. I remember a week in despair, then decided to go my own way and forge my own path.

Graphic Composed of Word from My Blog

Rest of My Life

Certainly there are better career counselors in the world.  In fact there are some wonderful professional career advisers who have your best interest at heart.  They are trained to test and and to assess.  They have the knowledge to conjure the best fit for your skills according to the most current vocational guides. They offer prudent advice in line with the conventional wisdom. BUT they are very expensive. Your $1000 won’t take you very far.

Is there a better way to use $1000 making a career decision-what do you think?

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English Majors in High Demand

English majors in high demand

Sybal Janssen

Job Outlook Survey Cites English Majors in Demand

Are you sick and tired of hearing your friends and family ask “what are you going to do with an English major if you don’t teach? Then they volunteer the old news that English majors have a hard time finding a job.

Now you can silence then with latest information from a Job Outlook Survey. Employers rated the “ability to verbally communicate with persons inside and outside the organization” as the most important candidate skill. Communication is at the heart of any business. Everything that happens in an organization requires communication. This is one of the areas in which English majors excel: They have learned to speak well; they are well-read and have an extensive vocabulary; they spend years learning how to present a thesis coherently, and how to construct an argument; and they are trained to debate and defend their point of view logically.

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