Kick Start Your Career Today with Game Changing Ideas

Kick Start Your Career Today with a Game Changing Conversation About Career Success

At 4:00 AM today, I ripped out the original first page of this site and replaced with this page because I was so energized by what I heard on a webinar called “Go Big”made by Jason Fladlien, and Alex Charfen.” What did I hear that was so compelling? Three ideas that switched on a 100 watt lightbulb in my head.

However, I am only going to talk about one of those ideas. It was the one that gave me an answer to the single biggest stumbling block on the road to helping people build a career, change a career, or simply fall in love with their career.

Kick Start Your Career Using Your Unique Gifts

The purpose of this website is to provide value to those men and woman who hunger for career fulfillment, yet stay in the same place year after year because they simply can’t find their passion.  They simply can’t find the key that unlocks their career. Over and over I have failed to assist others over this hurdle.

Here’s the answer I heard in the “Go Big” presentation.  You and I stall out in our search for a career because we trying to package the entire A-Z of our career all at once. That’s self-defeating.

Kick Start Your Career with a Two-Part Solution

It’s a two-part solution. Part one is  “DO LESS.” Part  two “GAIN MOMENTUM THROUGH SMALL SUCCESSES.”  Right this minute, I am using that two-part solution as a “kick in the pants” a project that is important to me.  I have agonized over this project for the better part of a year and accomplished nothing.

I am “doing less” by publishing one simple page, instead doing an entire website all at once. The thrill of creating this page, and telling it like it is, created a momentum that makes me eager for the next step. Furthermore, I am not worrying if this is a good page or a bad one.  I will simply measure the results it produced, and adjust the page accordingly.

Although this stuff is not mine, it gives you a career kick in the pants.

Listen, I know this page is a teaser; what I said is not making much sense to you. The in-depth thinking that supports the idea I am telling you about is not my material.  It belongs to someone else. So, if this grabbed your attention, and you want more, you have to go  straight to the horse’s mouth.  Grab this information for yourself by listening to and reading the presentation by Jason and Alex. It comes in both audio and text formats.

Know right up front, this information is not free; you will have to fork over some bucks for it.  I also want to tell you right up front that the link to their material is my affiliate link.  That means that I get a monetary kickback for my referral.

On the other hand, I have never, been an affiliate before. It is unlikely that I will ever be affiliate again.  As I said already, this information turned on the lightbulb for me.  The material stirred some passion for me, so I really think you too need the opportunity  find out for yourself.  In my opinion, you will find value in this material even if you are not an entrepreneur. You can use it if you are a student, a small business owner, a corporate employee, or a retiree searching for a new lifestyle.

And here is that link you want!


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