Gaining Momentum in 2015

Focus on Gaining Momentum in 2015 with your Success Team Business.

Here’s the thing .  We can be right in the middle of “doing the doing” required by our business, yet finding ourselves going nowhere. To paraphrase the White Queen, we are running as hard as we can, just to stay in the same place.

Gaining momentum with the launch of your small business is a two way street.

There is always momentum. The question you need to ask yourself is am I building momentum in the direction of success, or am I building momentum in the opposite direction.

Gaining Momentum Towards Failure

If you are dragging yourself to your desk feeling like there is a pound of lead in your belly, then you know that you are building momentum in the wrong direction.  I am talking to you from experience. Over half of my life, I struggled with all the approved and responsible things. My success was limited because most of my “doing” was accompanied by feelings of discouragement and dejection. Unaware of what I was doing, I was building momentum towards failure.

I don’t care what the Pundits of Punjabi (AKA parents, teachers, professors, your boss, professional gurus), just checking off the items on the to-do list is not going to move you through the winners goal posts.

Gaining Momentum Towards Success

What moves you through the winner’s goal post is success momentum. So what is success momentum. It is completing the items on the task lists of your goal combined with feelings of encouragement, confidence, incentive. Most important it is feeling an awareness of your own value.

Right now, I hear you saying to yourself how simplistic and utterly stupid that is.

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