Your Daily Kick in the Pants

Career Kick in the Pants is the companion site “How to
Change Your Career.”

It’s all well and good look at your career from a new point of view.  It’s wonderful to come up with creative career ideas.  It’s good for the soul to examine your career with sixteen new perspectives.  It’s great to ignite enthusiasm Then there is the other half of the story: taking daily action, and keeping focused on your goal even when life as you know it collapses around you.

Keep Your Momentum with a Daily Kick

The one an only purpose is providing “career changers” with daily encouragement, daily motivation, and a daily kick to keep the momentum going that achieves your career goals.

Are you a subscription member of “How to Change Your Career?”  Access to this site is part of your membership.  If you aren’t a HCYC member, you are welcome to play on this game board for a five dollar month to month subscription.

August 15 “Kick in the Pants” Goes Live

August 15th the juice is turned on and this site goes live and HOT!  Mark your calendar and join us.  If you want a reminder, just fill in the contact form. Your information remains private, private  private